We are a locally-owned and operated motorbike tour company here in Siem Reap, Cambodia. Our mission is to make your experience a fun, safe, unforgettable adventure! With our expert guides leading your tour around Angkor Wat and the surrounding temple areas, you will get a unique insight into Khmer history, culture, food, music, etc. Something you just can't get on your own.

Khmer Kruisez is for motorbike drivers of all experience levels. Driving in Cambodia is a unique experience; but, we tailor it to your personal experience level. Children can ride with the parent, or if needed with the tour guide. Helmets are provided for all riders and we have never had any safety accidents on the tour. We make sure you are in good hands.

Hi, my name is "Vanna". As the owner and long-time resident of Siem Reap, I would like to invite you to come join the fun and be a part of our Khmer Kruiserz family!

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