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For a unique rewarding and eco- friendly experience in Siem Reap, rent an electric bicycle (e-bike). E-bikes are quiet, economical and really enjoyable. The range on one charge is 40 km approximately, there is plenty to explore around the beautiful sites of Siem Reap. Enjoy the freedom of exploring Siem reap and the surrounding countryside with none of the hassle of finding other transportation, or to drive around predetermined routes or itineraries. You don’t even have to worry about running out of charge, because the bikes simply charge from a normal power outlet. Meaning you can charge your bike practical anywhere, even Angkor Wat complex has a place where you can charge your E-bike! Just to make sure you never run out of charge, we will supply you with a map of charging locations. You can venture out on your own or book a group tour with a guide.


Transmission - Automatic, Helmet, lock and map Included free

Max Speed - 35km/h

Warranty – Any faults with the electric bike outside of customer control are covered by the company.

* Customers are liable for damage to the electric bike, and, depending on fault, damage and/or injury caused to others. 

* One day means customer can pick up motorbike in the morning starting from 7am, and motorbike must be returned by 9pm. Returns after 9pm will be required to pay an extra day rental fee.

If you pick up your rental late in the day (4:30pm-9pm), it can be kept for 24 hours and need to be returned at the same time it was picked up. if you rent the motorbike for more than one day, you can keep the bike at your hotel until the end of your rental period.

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